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We have developed a state-by-state website list to identify bakers, cake decorators, and wedding & party rental stores who are authorized creators of Illuminated Cake Systems & Cake Decorating & Presentation products from The Knock Shoppe.

heartTo see our current list, go Here and fill out our information form.

To insure efficient service when contacting them, be sure to ask for Wedding Cakes Kissed with Light available only from The Knock Shoppe.

Yes, we do Rentals too! If your favorite baker or cake decorator doesn't presently use The Knock Shoppe products, tell them about us. We can arrange an attractive rental program to enable use of our wedding cake design systems and wedding cake and cake table decorations.

red triangleBakers, Cake Designers, Rental Services & Wedding Planners: Go to our Contact Us page to download our brochure and e-mail us your interests in cake design set rentals, rent-to-own, or standard purchase plans.

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Wedding Cakes Kissed with Light - Only from The Knock Shoppe

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~ ~ ~ All Wedding Cakes Kissed with Light cake presentation systems are proudly made in the USA ~ ~ ~

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